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You cannot just create a website and wait for a miracle to happen. You need to optimize your website and market your products online in order to increase your revenue. is among one of the SEO firms that offer services to help you in optimizing your website.

A good SEO consultant knows that clients don’t want pretty websites – they want customers. But of course a website needs to be professional-looking and easy to navigate. However, without marketing no one will find it.

seo consultantChronis Tsempelis the founder and CEO of has been working in the internet technology industry particularly SEO and Web Development and Internet Marketing for ten years. For the last seven years he has been creating his own internet marketing formula and was able to achieve first page Google rankings for some of the competitive keywords in the net.

Some of Tsempelis areas of expertise are as follows :

• Content Writing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Optimization
• Web Development & ecommerce

Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization content writing is an important part of any online marketing strategy. If your web content is not optimized to help you get into the top of search engine results, your target customers will be choosing your competitors instead of you. Chronis Tsempelis offers SEO content writing service that can boost your rankings and also enhance your brand image. With his many years of experience he knows exactly what clients want.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of boosting the visibility of a website on organic search engine result pages, by applying search engine friendly elements in your website. SEO is broken down into 2 basic areas: off page and on page optimization. The off page optimization refers to backlinks. These are links directing to your site from other relevant websites. On page optimization refers to site elements that include a web page, such as textual content, images and HTML code.

seoTsempelis has been perfecting SEO strategy since 2010. With the present’s best practices, he will make sure Google and other search engines will crawl and index your content before getting your competitors found. He can identifies the issues easily and applies the right strategies to help your website rank higher in search engines. Some SEO companies may require several weeks or months before they can identify your site problems.

Some of the services included in SEO are as follows :

• Audit and competitive analysis
• SEO consulting
• Content Development and Optimization
• Mobile Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization provides your website with added web presence to create a customized outlet for information and engagement with present and possible customers. This service includes blogs, wikis, message boards, vlogs and podcasts. sets up profiles as well as other social marketing options to help your website increase its overall web presence, both in and out of search engines.

Some of the benefits of social marketing optimization are as follows :

• Generate traffic from sources besides search engines
• Target specific groups
• Uses word of mouth advertising
• Increase relevant links
• Share Information
• Create a community

Web Development & ecommerce

As mentioned, your website needs to be professional-looking and easy to navigate. To do this, you should look for an SEO firm that can help you provide the service effectively. creates customized website. Chronis makes sure that your website is a perfect reflection of your brand. With his many years of experience you can be assured that you will get what you expect to have.

Chronis Tsempelis is also an expert in Google tools, hosting and server management, reputation management, affiliate recruitment, web analytics and hosting and server management.

Ranking Any URL For Competitive Keywords Takes Serious Expertise

People assume that anyone can rank for any keyword out there. So long as you set up a good website, you will no doubt get noticed, right? That’s not really how it all works. In fact, many people are starting to find out the hard way that you need to have a SEO consultant to help with ranking a URL. This is definitely seen more today than any other time before. The main reason is simple, people that are setting up websites today, require a bit of expertise in the right implementation factors to make any sort impact on the web. A good impact is definitely hard to comply with, without a certain bit of attention to all the pieces of internet marketing.

The Clear and Present Future of SEO

search engine optimizationRight now there are a lot of different steps that you would need to take to master SEO. A SEO consultant already knows what to do, and will continue to work towards making the URL of any client they work with, prominent. There are few people that can do this without putting in hours and hours of work. You may think that you can get through this arena without much effort, but that’s not true. You’re going to need to cycle through a lot, and that’s where the future of optimization is. It’s in the diversity and reach of the elements that are needed to succeed. For instance, if you were to spotlight just content marketing, you would need to be up to date on 15 or 20 different elements. Without working on each item, you would not see a huge push in the right direction at all.

Evolutionary Measures Are Needed

Search online for Google algorithm changes. What you will find as a result are cute names. Things like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird are all tied to the algorithm shift. What does that mean? It means that search engines, especially Google are evolving to provide users with the most accurate and relevant search result system possible. That also means that if you’re working within their rules and changes, your URL is not going to end up being ranked at the top of the listings. No matter how hard you work, you could end up seeing a serious drop in attention. SEO is not something that is static, it’s evolutionary, and you’re going to need to work within the confines of proper protocol to see the right push forward.

Learning The Right Elements of SEO

There are some that are going to take on the notion of DIY. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this. However, as you start to learn the process, you’ll realize that you may not have enough time to comply with all the elements. In fact, many cannot rank any URL against competitors because they are out matched by SEO consultants that are out there. Plus, by the time you learn all the ins and outs of current ranking protocol, you could end up losing out on the bigger picture. You may think you have things down to a science, but as soon as you implement the changes, Google may shift their algorithm, leaving your site out in the cold.

At the end of the day, it’s best to hire a good SEO consultant to help you. Ranking any URL today is going to take on a great deal of work. This becomes even more true when you look at how competitive keyword placements are today. Some keywords are so difficult, that it’s best to not only go with SEO but also pay a great deal in PPC advertising to get a sense of traction. It’s best left to experts.

Rubber Wristbands: How It Started

Back in the 20th century, rubber bands were known as one of the most convenient products. They were used by several individuals and industries for a good many purposes. From government offices to agricultural industries, rubber bands were used for organizing, sorting and delivering products and services. To sum up, more than 30 million pounds of rubber bands are sold in the United States alone each year.

By the second decade of the 21st century, rubber bands were elevated to rubber wristbands, the trending accessory among kids, teenagers and adults alike. New businesses involving customized rubber wristbands also appeared in the market. With the variety of uses the bracelet can have, people avail of the accessory because of its inexpensive cost as well.

Rubber wristbandsRubber is the fundamental material in bracelets and bands. The material is derived from a plant that is grown in equatorial climates. European explorers discovered rubber in the Americas and Christopher Columbus brought back Mayan items that were made of rubber – waterproof shoes and bottles.

Several hundred years later, the other characteristics of rubber were discovered. Hardened pieces of it could be used to erase pencil marks. Dissolving rubber in turpentine produces a liquid that waterproofs cloth.

The age of the rubber wristbands started back in 1843. It was developed by Thomas Hancock by slicing up rubber bottles from New World Indians. This first edition of rubber bands was used as garters and waistbands, but their usefulness was limited due to its unvulcanized characteristic. Two years later, Hancock invented a machine that resembles rubber vulcanizing and together with Thomas Perry, they patented the rubber band and opened the first rubber band factor.

At the same time, the British fostered the development of rubber plantations and manufacturing businesses. They spread out to their colonies, such as Malaya and Ceylon. Because of the warm climate in Southeast Asia, the rubber plantation thrived, bringing the European rubber industry to success as well.

For a while, the hype of the rubber industry began to die down. Fortunately, sports became an important aspect in today’s society, and the rubber wristbands found its way back to the scene.

However, rubber bands have so much more to offer than just being bands to sort or bind things with. Pop culture claimed the importance of rubber bands and turned it into something different that appeals to a lot of people.

In the early 2000’s, a famous cyclist named Lance Armstrong popularized the wristbands into a medium for certain messages. He produced yellow wristbands as accessories that bore the word ‘livestrong’ on its surface. This campaign was made in order to support the fight against cancer. The world of sports, and the rest of the population, supported the campaign and a new use for rubber bands was formed.

The rise of rubber jewelry paved the way for the growth of rubber bands’ popularity. It found its way into pop culture and appealed to every kind of audience. At the same time, it also found an alternate medium that promotes important messages to a wide range of audiences.

Rubber wristbands were then promoted to another level when customization of the accessory was made possible. After Lance Armstrong’s successful campaign, other advocacies and organizations followed the strategy. Companies also made use of the rubber accessories as advertising materials to promote their brands.

For some people, rubber bands are ordinary household items that are used for keeping loose things together. They can also be used as hair ties or wire cable ties. Others see it as an investment or part of their industry. But the younger generation will most likely see it as a piece of jewelry.

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The Art of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a tactic for boosting a website’s visibility in a search engine’s results naturally. Good optimization will be able to help a site to appear in the search results more frequently. SEO is usually used for online marketing to gain more visitors, which in turn can become actual clients.

Search engine optimization’s roots can be traced back to the mid-1990s, where content providers submit the site addresses to the search engines that will send “spiders” to “crawl” through the page to analyze its content. All the information are stored and then indexed for ranking. Keyword density is one factor in identifying the relevance of the content to its users. From then, SEO has been the most accessible way to promote a site and have it ranked in the search engines.

SEO is all about knowing how a search engine works, what are the common keywords typed in a search engine, and what particular search engine is often used. In this way, promoting a site will be much easier. Search optimization will help a site build authority on the internet since it makes the top rank attainable – the better the rank, the more clicks received. These clicks can be profitable if a site has advertisements.

In applying site optimization, we must be familiar with its techniques that are categorized into two: White Hat and the Black Hat.

1.White Hat

This tactic is the most recommended by search engines. It has the following features:

•It ensures that every web page is of good quality.

•It ensures that the web page’s content is intended for users, and not just for the search engine.

•It ensures that useful content are available for internet users.

•This tactic conforms to the search engine’s guidelines.

•It does not rely on deception.

2.Black Hat

This tactic is also known as spamdexing. Most search engines do not tolerate this technique. Its features are as follows:

•Creating content with similar keywords and phrases just to raise the keyword count. This is called keyword stuffing. In addition, black hat uses metatag stuffing where keywords are repeated in metatags, and inserting keywords that are not related to the website content.

•Using hidden text by changing its font color and background, or by inserting them in a “no frame” HTML code.

•Hosting similar websites with the same content but with different URLs.

•Using the process called Page Hijacking, where web surfers who open a similar popular website gets redirected to a malicious site.

•Using other ranking improvements that are not approved by search engines.

As made evident by those lists, it is always better to rely on White Hat optimization techniques. Never fool your visitors, and don’t ever think about giving them irrelevant content. In this way, visitors will trust the site and will keep coming back for it.

SEO CompanyAs previously mentioned, to improve a website’s rank in search engines, keywords are used as part of most SEO techniques. These are the terms that are important to the page’s content. Search engines use programs to analyze web pages and index them according to the terms used that are relevant to the content. Here are some things you shouldn’t forget when it comes to proper keyword placement:

•Always include a keyword in the title of the web page.

•Also, include them on the headers. If a certain page has different sections, using header tags is recommended. By the way, it’s important to include the keywords in each of them.

•Distribute the use of keywords all throughout the content, but never overuse them as search engines may categorized the site as spam.

Doing search optimization is not easy as what we think it is, that is why there are now SEO services that can help increase site traffic and generate more leads. A carefully planned optimization strategy will guarantee a sure spot in the top ranks of search engines. Getting optimization services has many advantages, and they are as follows:

1.Online exposure

2.Getting ranked by search engines also means that a site will be trusted more by users

3.More visitors in the website may lead to other online opportunities

4.Can help grow a site to attract big clients

5.Can diversify a website’s lead sources

6.It can further your branding efforts

7.Be at the top of search engines for all related keyword searches

8.Be available for every online means such as in mobile or tablet

9.A website will be updated from time to time

10.Plagiarism will be avoided

SEO focuses on the creative and technical aspects of a website to improve its ranking, to drive more site traffic, and to improve its visibility in the search engines. Keep in mind that SEO is not just about building a search engine-friendly site. It should be about making a site good for people, too. These two goals should go hand in hand to make SEO a success – and we are more than willing to help you achieve just that.

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Tips on Finding a Reliable Hewlett Neck Village Real Estate Agency

The first thing that would enter your mind if you have plans on buying or selling a property or land in Hewlett Neck Village is to find a reliable Hewlett Neck Village real estate agency. A real estate agency is a company that comprised of real estate agents who acts as the middlemen to transact deals about property or realty. When it comes to realty and property, you would generally have to consult a real estate agent to make a deal for you with the property owner.

Choosing a Real Estate Agency

At present, there are an increased number of real estate agencies that you can choose from. The majority of them are reliable, but you should be on the lookout in choosing the right agency. A reliable real estate agent can get you a good deal that can help you save thousands of dollars. The following are characteristics of a good real estate agency:


Find a highly professional real estate agency and not some business in the side operated by someone. A real estate agency generally runs with the help of real estate agents, and getting a reliable agent for your property is important to get the perfect deal.


To start with, a dependable real estate agency should be trustworthy. They have a huge client base, where you can get opinions and testimonials from the past clients. Recommendation from your friends or relatives who have used the service is also a good start. After all, when it comes to property, trust is very important.


In the industry of realty, the more experienced the real estate company is, the better the deals it will be. Experience is a must.

The Role of a Realtor in Buying or Selling the Property

Many home sellers and buyers are not aware of the real value that a realtor can provide during the process. Some people were not able to recognize their expertise, knowledge and their hard work just to make a successful transaction.

Lots of important services required in a real estate transaction are done by the realtor. These steps are part of the realtor’s professional responsibilities to the client. But without their help, the transaction could be jeopardized. Some of these steps may take hours, or even days to complete others are not required.

The Real Estate Agent Commitment

The professional commitment of a real estate agent is to make sure that the buyer and the seller are brought together in an agreement that offers each with a deal that is equitable and fair. The reason is easy to understand. For many full-service real estate agents, they receive no compensation unless and until the sale is successful.

PropertyOn the contrary, there are companies that provide limited services in exchange for an advance flat fee, or offer a menu of pay as you go options. Some realtor may offer sliding scale which vary from limited to full service. The compensation of the real estate agent will depend on the reduced services provided, with the seller taking full responsibility for all the other procedures and steps in the selling process.

Variety of Options

There are lots of options you can choose from – full service, fee for service, limited service or other- offers consumers with better options as compared before. Regardless, which option they choose, property owners should understand clearly what services will, or will not be provided by the Hewlett Neck Village real estate company they have chosen before signing an agreement.

A Most Important Reminder

Make sure that you choose a real estate agent that is a member of the National Association of Realtors. They are called Realtors because of their membership. It only means that not all real estate agents are realtors. The primary difference between a real estate licensee and a realtor is that realtors have taken an oath to follow a strict Code of Ethics that promote the ethical, honest and fair handling of all those involved in the process. Real estate licensees are those who have a state issued license but are not connected to Realtor association. They are not bound to ethical practices and principles included in the Realtor Code.

Also, realtor associations provide several training courses to their members, to make sure that they provide their customers with high level of skill, attention to detail and knowledge needed in today’s real estate transaction. The continuing training program offered to Realtors underscores the significance of having help and guidance from someone who understands the process.

Choosing a good Hewlett Neck Village Real Estate agency could be essential in purchasing property. The agency can help you save a lot of money which you can use in upgrading or decorating your property, or just save the money for future expenses. A real estate agency will help you get the best price for the property for which it is appraised.

You really don’t have to look further, we can provide you any type of real estate services you need. We offer our services at a reasonable price and we make sure that you will get the best deal.

li realestatefinder is a leading website providing the best real estate deals in garden city, valley stream and tri-state

How to Succeed in Business: Selling ID lanyards

Besides being one of the handiest accessories to date, lanyards also serve a lot of functions. They can be used to carry ID cards, mobile phones, keys, cameras, USB drives, and even water bottles. These purposes make ID lanyards more fascinating to the stacks. If you are looking to start a new business endeavor, you should consider selling ID lanyards.

IDlanyardsThere are two means of starting a venture on lanyards. If you were able to shell out for your capital, you can acquire all the necessary tools to manufacture lanyards. The laces used are often purchased in bulk since suppliers of unprocessed materials. The more you order, the bigger the discount you get.

These laces enter rolls of tubular, polyester, or woven fabric. The printing of designs can be done using either of these two procedures – high end digital or traditional silk screen. The method for silk screen printing just requires the basic stuff – squeegee, net, and ink. The process is completed actually so every function should be thoroughly pressed. Heat press machines and digital sublimation equipment cost a lot more and require consistent maintenance. If you’re planning to purchase one, be certain to assign it to a person who knows it well.

Second, the easiest way to begin a business on lanyards is to look for a trustworthy supplier. Finding a cheap and reliable supplier is integral for businesspersons who do not have a lot of money. Some suppliers can handle all the developed procedures, delivering the final product afterwards. You can pay for in bulk and enjoy huge discounts. accordingly you can advertise these lanyards to your patrons at a slightly higher price. Profit earn during this business could be significant if you tap into the right goal market.

Finding the right customers can be stress-free because lanyards provide a lot of function. First, corporate or commercial events are great opportunities for selling lanyards. ID lanyards are used to hold recognition cards for event security, marshals, ushers, participants, and organizers; such useful accessories are also ideal for carrying VIP passes. Even the biggest events usually require simple and low cost types of lanyards. After all, many of those laces will only be used once. There are also some events that are frequently being scheduled and held so you have a broad pool of opportunities.

In line with this, ID lanyards be able to also be used as promotional equipment. Whether it’s for a movie premiere, a manufactured goods launch, or any other advertising event coming up, lanyards can be a good item to serve as a token of appreciation for attendees. Such cords definitely cost a lot less as compare to the usual promotional substance like umbrellas, key chains, t-shirts, and jackets. You are able to also try partnering with schools and organizations to further increase your number clients. Lanyards provide them a intelligence of identity and organizational pleasure by having their logos or names written on the neck lace. To make it easier to convince potential customers, try matching the current price of lanyards in stores.

Being a businessman also means constantly trying something new. You can always compel the market to come to you by designing groundbreaking and unique lanyard designs. Some unique and trendy ideas include using velvet laces, beaded cords, reversible designs, and even retractable laces. Selling and promoting them wouldn’t have to be a problem anymore, with the availability of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Ebay and other ad-listing sites are also are good, convenient places to start selling your ID lanyards.

As long as you have both creativity and perseverance, you’ll surely succeed in this kind of business.

Wholesale Lanyards is  your one-stop lanyard solution shop!We can craft a design that’s perfect for your company, group or institution. ID Lanyards are a great way to reinforce your brand in a subtle way with customers.

Functional and Gorgeous Custom Coins Bottle Openers

Custom coins designs and styles vary through the years. They are not just the usual coin that you hold in your hand anymore, they evolved into something more functional like the coin bottle openers.

Personalized and Revolutionary

Most coin bottle openers have irresistible revolutionary designs. They can be personalized. It should not be surprising to learn that there are people who collect different coin bottle openers because most of them are well-made.

The coin bottle opener can also be used as marketing tool to introduce a certain product or promote a new business. Because it’s a bottle opener, there is a huge possibility that the owner will always bring it along.

Owners of the coin bottle opener love the idea that the bottle opener does not occupy too much space (can be kept in the jean’s pocket without creating a bump). They can carry it without trouble, and have a drink without fuss.

Business owners will benefit a lot from the custom coins bottle openers. The more the bearer uses it, the more people see it. If many people see it, then it brings better exposure for the company that distributed it.

Function and Beauty

The combination of challenge coin and bottle opener proved that there’s no boundary in finding beneficial ways to use the custom coin or turn it into something that makes it more beneficial. The challenge coin bottle opener and ordinary challenge coin are similar in appearance. The only difference is that the coin bottle opener has a particular cut area that is similar to that of an ordinary bottle opener.

custom coinsThe bottle opener coin comes in a variety of styles and designs. You can create a design that is uniquely yours. You can give the coins as gifts to your family, friends, or guests. There is no limit to the designs that you would like to create, just make sure that it will be able to open a bottle.

The custom coins bottle openers are popular among people of all ages. They find it handy and gorgeous at the same time. There are others who turn theirs into a sort of accessory for their bag or wallet.

Coin Bottle Opener in a Restaurant

If you own a bar and grill restaurant that attract lots of drinking buddies to come over, then you can include the coin bottle opener as a freebie. Your customers will surely appreciate the gesture.

You can put your establishment’s logo in front of the coin together with the address and contact details. Other people who see it will be curious, and might even decide to check out your place right away.

The design of your coin bottle opener should be able to tell something about the things that you offer. Don’t go for the designs that can surely attract attention, but gives out different information. People won’t like it when the advertisement is somewhat misleading. Stick true to the things that you offer, and find a nice way to depict them on your coin without causing misunderstandings.

If your coin bottle opener is one of the reasons for your restaurant’s popularity, then you need to have a steady supply of the bottle opener. You can have different designs, but maintain the same quality, message, and logo in all of the designs that you intend to use for your coin bottle opener.

There are lots of things that you can turn your custom coins into, and make them work for you for a long time. You can think of other possible mini tools that you can create out of your coins. You can make a key chain, screw driver, or any useful tool. Just keep in mind that it should be something that is related to your business.

Traditional Golf Apparel and Changing Fashions

A decade ago, most women golfers were seen to be wearing unfashionable and boring golf apparel. This includes the use of long baggy pants, long sleeved collared shirts, and unflattering shoes. However, the increase in the number of competitive women golfers in recent years has resulted in the modification of golf clothing to not only be fashionable but also feminine. With this in mind, an increasing number of clubs are allowing the use of skorts, skirts and capris by women golfers instead of the conservative pants and Bermuda shorts.

Sports apparel companies have started developing golf apparel that not only looks trendy but also functional as well. This is due to the fact that a higher number of women have started playing the sport due to the use of famous athletic endorsers. The primary culprit for this fashion and design change is due to the use of television coverage, which reveals a more womanly golfer when compared to the traditional golfer.

Golf apparelWomen’s golf apparel is seen to be frequently shifting due to the changing demands of women golfers. This is because women prefer to remain fashionable and presentable in and out of the golf course while men prefer to still comply with their traditions. But even with the disparate fashion goals of men and women golfers, both sexes prefer to remain comfortable while competing. This resulted in a number of sports clothing companies that develop efficient materials that not only dissipates sweat but is also aerodynamic as well.

The main reason for the changing clothing material technology is due to the fact that golf is normally played during the warmer season. However, playing golf for a long time will result in sunburns or unequal skin discolorations especially when regularly using short sleeved polo shirts. This is considered to be increasing concern for women golfers since the skin discolorations are not flattering when wearing feminine dresses. This problem is easily mitigated with the regular application of a good quality sunblock before the start of the game.

To further prevent this problem, some golf wear companies developed long sleeved golf apparel for women who prefer to retain their pale color. In order to make these long sleeved apparel fun and fashionable, these golf wear companies developed unconventional prints to not only flatter problem areas but also remain functional. Golf clothing are now being deliberately designed to be flattering for all body types, which includes the v-neck and sleeveless designs.

The most common golf outfit for a woman is a solid coloured top with a patterned bottom. However, some women golfers prefer to accentuate their femininity by choosing a more flattering top while retaining a solid colored bottom. The purpose of this is to draw attention to the upper body and minimize the attention on a larger bottom half. Women golfers do not mix and match polka dots and plaid patterns on a single outfit since it can be considered as a fashion faux pas. The general rule of thumb is to use a solid and print combination in order to show a tasteful and fashionable appearance by the woman golfer.

But the choice of golf apparel still rests on the woman golfer since she typically knows what looks best on her body. By knowing the body type and shape, fashion disasters can be avoided while enhancing their appearance. It is suggested that a dark colored top is used by broad shouldered golfers with printed or bright colored bottoms. Women golfers that have a larger bottom shape needs to choose dark colored bottoms to give the illusion of a balanced shoulder and hip size. Sports apparel companies develop different prints and designs to hide problem areas while enhancing the best assets of the woman golfer. It is always best to individually test out the various clothing options in the stores in order to determine whether it will flatter the figure of the women golfer.

Going Green with Portable Storage Container Home

Having a portable storage container for a home is nothing new. In fact, there are lots of people in different countries who convert shipping containers into magnificent abodes.

Aside from building a home out of a storage container, some people build stores, café, dorms, apartments, restaurants, and housing projects using shipping containers. There are innovative shipping container restaurants that transform into cozy cafés with just a push of a button. You can do the same for your shipping container home. But, expect to spend more if you want high-tech upgrades.

More and more families are considering metal containers in building their houses. There are a lot of benefits to get from choosing portable container as a shelter from too much sun and rain, and other unfriendly weather conditions.

Building a Home out of Shipping Container can Help Mother Nature

There are probably hundreds of thousands shipping containers all around the world. Businessmen who ship their goods to another country usually leave the metal containers there, unless they need to ship some goods back to their home. Business owners choose to leave their containers behind, instead of transporting an empty container back to its base. It is costly to ship back an empty metal container.

Portable Storage containerUsing a shipping container for building a home or for other purposes can help save a lot of energy. Although a metal container can be melted and turned into a raw material for the new metal product, the entire process will consume a lot of energy. A great amount of energy can be saved if metal containers will be used as they are. Architects in every corner of the planet decided to use the portable storage container in building a house to somewhat help save the planet.

All-Weather Proof Material and More

The metal container is built to withstand any weather. It has a sturdy and durable structure. It is built to carry heavy cargo. The containers can be stacked on top of each other to form a building, however, it is recommended to limit it into a two-storey building.

There is a need to check the roof of the containers thoroughly, especially the one that will occupy the lower slot. The roof should be strong enough to support the contents of the container above. The lower cubicle should also support the weight of the occupants of the upper container.

The portable storage container can provide the safety and security that the occupant needs. It is extremely heavy and won’t easily budge. It takes a lot of time for a burglar to open the unoccupied shipping container home, and before he does, the police are already on their way. Anyone who attempts to break in (provided that the windows are well secured) should use dynamite or blow torch, and doing so will only attract a lot of attention.

Fast to Build, and Costs Less

A simple one-storey house made out of a metal container only takes a maximum of two days to finish. If you want to make it look a bit grand, then you might need more than just days to finish your house. But, don’t expect it to look majestic.

For your building permit, you need to check with your locality regarding the things that you need to provide to get a permit. Different locations have different views regarding the use of metal container for a house.

If you only need a house for shelter, then a simple one should suffice. You only need to make some modifications on the container to make it more comfortable. You don’t need to spend so much, and it is much cheaper than building a traditional house.

A portable storage container home might not look or feel like a usual home at first; just give yourself time to adapt.

What You Should Know About Funerals

The term funeral came from the Latin word funus which had different meanings, including the funerary rites and the corpse themselves. To define the term, funerals are ceremonies for remembering, sanctifying, respecting or celebrating the life of a deceased person. Funerary customs comprise of different practices and beliefs. These vary between religious groups and between cultures.

Funerals include a ritual which can involve preservation of the body or destruction of the body depending on the religion or culture. Differing beliefs about the relationship between soul and body mean that funerary practices that are acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in other cultures.

Funeral rites started 300,000 years ago, pre-dating the modern Homo sapiens. Archeologists have discovered Neanderthal skeletons with layers of flower pollens in Pontnewydd Cave in Wales and in Shanidar Cave in Iraq. This deliberate reverence and burial given to the deceased suggested that Neanderthals had religious beliefs.

Rites in Ancient Greece

FuneralAncient Greeks considered death as the gateway to the afterlife. Funeral rites were important rite of passage in order to help the deceased on his way. It was believed that remembrance of the dead people ensured immortality. The children of the deceased were responsible for taking care of the funeral arrangements. Grecian customs were described in poetry, plays, legal and philosophical treatises.

There were three stages in the rites proceedings: prothesis (laying-out), ekphora (procession) and burial. It was the women’s work to lay out. They washed, poured aromatic oil and clothed the body. Then, they placed the body on a high bed inside the house.

They added jewelry for noblewomen and armors for soldiers. The corpses had coins under their tongues as a payment for the passage to the underworld. Friends and family members came to mourn, often hiring musicians to start the lamentation. The body was then brought to the cemetery in processions which usually began before dawn.

At the burial sites, the ashes or bodies were put in a pit. There were offerings of gifts, food or a sacrifice. The men stayed to build an inscribed or painted monuments. The women prepared a feast. It was believed that women of Classical Athens regularly visited to the grave with offerings such as libations and small cakes.


In ancient Greece, lamentation fulfilled the social need to contain and express grief. Greeks believed that lamentation was a time for moving on. It was considered a significant element in religious rites. It proclaimed the glory or virtue of the deceased. It started during the Geometric period, when people decorated vases with scenes showing the deceased surrounded by mourners.

Religious Significance

Ancient Greeks believed that a burial is a part of the cycle of life and a rite of passage. They venerated the remains and tombs of dead heroes with annual festivals. Kharon, the ferryman of the dead in Greek mythology, only accepted those cremated or buried with formal rites. Those that had no formal rites were denied peace.

Social Significance

Tombs symbolized lineage and social status. An elaborate funeral represented great honor. It was reserved for women dying in childbirth and for heroes. However, excessive ostentation and pomp were banned. It was prohibited to exploit funerals for political purposes. Failure to perform rites, speaking ill of the deceased and telling lies about them were all considered a criminal act.

Most of the finest grave monuments were erected in a cemetery in Kerameikos, an area of Athens located at the northwest Acropolis. This cemetery was in use for several centuries. Athenian families started to bury their deceased relatives in simple stone sarcophagi at the end of the 5th B.C.

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How Does URL Affect Search Engine Ranking?

Keyword placement is given too much attention in SEO marketing and in the creation of online articles that other factors that also contribute to ranking and online reputation seem to be unaccounted for. The truth is, URL also plays a vital role in the ranking of a website because search engine algorithms are designed to consider URL name and structure as detected by web crawlers.

In this article, you will be presented with various issues on URLs and their influence to the ranking of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs).


1. Length of URL

Length of URLIn comparative data, shorter URLs rank higher in SERP because they are read better by crawlers. From a practical point of view, shorter URLs are also more apt to attract internet users because they can easily figure out what a page is all about just by simply looking at the link. Remember that URL appears under a webpage title/website name whenever a search is done.

When it comes to link building and off-page optimization, shorter URLs also have higher chances of being clicked, copied and pasted, shared and bookmarked. Be conscious of how your readers and other possible visitors think about links, so that you can understand their preferences.


2. Keyword in URL

Do you have to place a keyword in URL? That is a yes! But where should you place the keywords in the URL exactly?

This is a matter of URL structure that is often left out because the keyword placement within an article is concentrated on more. It can help in the discovery of a website if the keyword is placed as close as possible to the domain name.

For example, instead of using, it will help the webpage to be crawled easier if the URL is structured as You need link restructuring for that.


3. Subdomain vs. webpage

subdomainIs it smarter to use a subdomain in housing an article or should it go directly as a webpage under the root domain?

There are evidences that search engines tend to favor the use of pages or subfolders in publishing posts over the use of subdomains. Most blogging platforms do not really give you this headache, but if you are running and managing your own website from scratch, this is an important matter that you should always keep in mind.


4. Word separation

Surprisingly, this is a common area of mistake in online publication and website registration that many amateur bloggers and novice website owners commit.

When you register a website or start your own blog under Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal and other popular platforms, it is advisable that you spell the root domain name in one word, like in the case of rather than The same rule applies to purchased root domain names that are not under any platform.

However, the same cannot be said for URLs of webpages within a website. Hyphen is still considered the best word separator of keywords within URLs, like in the case of rather than or

You should be aware of this URL structure requirement if you want your website to rank high.


5. URL cloaking

URL cloakingCloaking in its basic sense is considered as a black hat practice, a manipulative way of presenting something else to internet users other than what web crawlers actually detect. You can get penalized for this.

However, it is a different matter if it is URL cloaking that is being talked about. URL cloaking simply means “beautifying” the URL of your webpage using link cloakers. You can use the improved links for link building strategies, like when placing links on social media walls.

For instance, instead of leaving r.cfm?B=242693&U=865863&M=28169&urllink= on your Facebook wall, you can cloak it to become There is no manipulation involved; only you made the link understandable.

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